UrbanCore Collaborative (UCC) is an independent minority owned consulting firm based in Texas with services ranging in Urban & Transportation Planning, Corridor Planning, Demographic Analysis, Land-Use Planning, Project Management and Geographic Information Systems.

The firm is established by Suhag Kansara following more than ten years of combined domestic and international work experience in architecture, design and urban planning.

UCC’s mission is to serve the planning industry by attending the needs of the client by developing fresh ideas, unique approach and long-term maintainability. We create sustainable solutions and aim to be a leader in quality, sustainable solutions, and business ethics.

Since its inception, the firm has successfully completed handful commissions both large and small range of private and government clients. The style of the firm's operation is "hands on". All professional work, regardless of the size of the project, is undertaken and carried through to completion by the principal. Support staff is used only for basic research, technical support and administrative work. This approach ensures that clients receive a consistently high level of professional expertise and service.